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Take control of your future, become an extraordinary leader and create a fulfilling life, with a wealth of resources and the support of fellow growth-minded leaders inside the transformational Rebel Leader Community.

Life is too short.

Don’t let work drain your potential and frustrate your future.

Work can be Magnificent.

Don’t be frustrated, get focused and connected.

There is a better way to be a better leader.

Upskill Your Leadership

With our resources and Masterclasses, our experts guide you through building skills, developing practices and creating your unique Leadership Growth Path to fast track your future Success (GPS).

Make a Difference

Follow our proven process to get clear on your leadership voice. Don’t settle for less. Be your best leadership self so you can transform the world as you transform your life.

More Power Partners

Our dynamic digital community, live connection opportunities and virtual wine events offer a variety of options to collaborate with and learn from your peers.

traditional leadership

Traditional leadership isn't working

There is a lack of leadership in our country, companies and organizations. This is a problem and it must be fixed.

We want the world to be a better place. We want companies to be led by men and women who use their leadership voice to call their teams to a higher purpose. We can’t do it without you. Be a Rebel Leader and defy the leadership default.

What fuels our passion:

  • We’ve worked with lousy leaders who made our lives miserable. We knew there had to be a better way.
  • We have noticed an overwhelming amount of leadership content and leadership labels. What is the definition of leadership? Who is right? Who is bloviating? Who to believe?
  • We see powerful potential in every human being we meet and want it to be reclaimed.

Where our insights come from:

  • We’ve helped 1,000+ leaders.
  • We have taught this proven process in countless workshops.
  • We’ve distilled 61 courses, 837 business / leadership books, 25 years of consulting, a decade of being mentored, and a Masters in Organizational Leadership into simple, powerful lessons to share with you.

As you level up your leadership, the complexity of what success looks like increases as well.

the Rebel Leader Community makes it simple:

Learn the Process and Practices

Leadership is an action not a position

Whether it’s change, culture, communication, negotiation or influence, we’re here to help you improve by applying cutting edge ideas and time-tested principles. 

Get Involved in the Community

You can go fast alone or far together

15 minutes a day or less will keep you engaged and connected. Build a strong support system that accelerates your success.

Fast Track your Future

The decisions you make today create the tomorrow you live in

Define the future you want to create and make it happen. We have the tools and support to help you realize your dreams.

Create the life you want, take control of your leadership and your career with the resources and the support of leaders just like you, inside the transformational Rebel Leader Community.

Welcome to the Rebel Leader Community.

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